Which cabinet door style is right for me?

When redesigning your kitchen, there are many cabinet options available to match your style. We outline the diverse types of cabinet doors to help you choose what’s best for your kitchen remodel. It’s helpful to narrow down what you want before meeting with contractors. In addition to choosing the door style, you may also want to consider whether you’d like stained or painted cabinets and what colors you’re interested in.

Shaker Cabinet Doors

By far the most popular choice, shaker style cabinet doors are common throughout Charlotte homes. Shaker cabinet doors are characterized by simple, straight rails and a flat, inset panel. Given its characteristics, shaker cabinets easily fit a variety of kitchen styles from modern to traditional.

Learn more about shaker style cabinets.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised panel doors have decreased in popularity over the years but are still an excellent choice for homeowners who want a traditional look in their kitchens. Raised panel doors differ from Shaker doors in that the inside panel is raised so that it sits flush with the outside rails. Raised panel doors come in a range of styles with more decorative options than Shaker style.

Decorative Panel Doors

Some cabinet doors come with decorative insets, such as the coastal style below. From cottage styles or a more formal look, many manufacturers offer cabinet doors with added ornamentation.

Glass Panel Doors

Glass panel doors can add beauty to upper cabinets, pantry cabinets and display cabinets in your kitchen. You can choose between clear or textured glass to show off decorative items or family heirlooms.

Flat Panel Doors

As Charlotte grows, we have seen more homeowners asking for a modern look in their kitchens. Flat panel doors are the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a modern or contemporary aesthetic.


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