5 Reasons Shaker Cabinets Never Go Out of Style

Shaker style cabinetry is characterized by its simple, clean lines. The outside horizontal and vertical rails surround an inset panel to create a picture-frame effect. In the interior design industry, the term “shaker” evokes the Shaker tradition of practical belongings that serve a purpose in the household.

Marries form and function

When designed right, kitchens make cooking fun. Because we spend so much time in our kitchens, we also expect them to look aesthetically pleasing. This marriage of form and function, utility and beauty, is at the heart of the shaker style.

Lends simplicity to a busy hub

Today, kitchens are used for more than preparing food. Whether you’re cooking a great meal, catching up on emails, or helping your kids do homework, your kitchen is central to daily life. That’s why homeowners often want clean, uncluttered visual lines in such a busy space.

Sign of quality craftsmanship

The Shaker design tradition, which dates to the 18th century, is not just about simplicity. Quality materials and skilled labor were at the foundation of every piece of furniture. The shaker name continues to evoke that quality craftsmanship today.

Works in modern or traditional homes

Shaker cabinets are versatile. The clean lines work well in traditional, craftsman, contemporary or modern homes. The blank canvass allows you to add a personal design touch through color and hardware. Plus, many manufacturers currently offer slight variations of the classic, such as narrow rails.

An affordable choice

Due to its popularity, shaker cabinets are available through most retailers. The demand for shaker style also drives manufacturing costs down. In turn, this makes shaker cabinets more affordable than bespoke styles.

Whether you’re doing a full remodel with new cabinets or refacing existing ones, you can’t go wrong with shaker style cabinets. It’s a look you’re guaranteed to love. Plus, the longevity of the style means you’re getting a big bang for your buck!


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