Why You Need a Dedicated Project Manager

Lucas Wilson, the head of our company, firmly believes that the long-standing organizational structure for residential home improvement is broken. Our structure and personnel set us apart from the industry norm because we have dedicated, highly-qualified professionals who manage every facet of the business. This differs from the current standard where the president and a few others are involved in the day-to-day minutiae, from presenting product solutions to managing installers at the job site. Working in such a lean way means things fall through the cracks. Without dedicated managers, the quality of the work ultimately suffers.

At TruGuard, we ensure that our work meets or exceeds the high standards we’ve set. A perfect example of this is our project managers. The project management role was designed specifically to maintain the standards TruGuard expects of its installation crews. We also have a director of production that provides oversight and direction for the project management staff.

At the beginning of a job, a project manager is assigned to the customer. They will have the same project manager throughout their project. Plus, the project manager will be on the job site every day to review and approve the work. This means that we can provide excellent customer service, ensure the work is completed on time and that the crews have done an exceptional job.

We wouldn’t accept anything less and neither should you.


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