What is the cost of refacing cabinets?

Cabinet Refacing Defined

Cabinet refacing is the process of updating your existing cabinet door and drawer fronts or faces. This process includes refinishing, painting, or installing new faces to fit with your existing cabinet boxes. Refinishing your cabinet faces with a veneer or painting them is a great choice if you like the style of your current cabinets. If you are looking to change the design of your existing kitchen and want an updated look, you can choose to replace your cabinet faces with new ones.

Key Factors When Determining Cost

The scope and cost of your cabinet refacing project will vary based on a few key factors, including kitchen size, layout, cabinet style, added cabinets, and hardware.

Kitchen Size

The number of cabinets you have is the largest factor in deciding the price of your cabinet refacing project. Broadly speaking, kitchen cabinet remodeling is priced per linear foot. Concise price estimates will use measurements of your existing cabinet faces, as well as the other considerations below.

Kitchen Layout

When redesigning your kitchen, you may choose to make changes to the kitchen floorplan. Large-scale changes may require removing walls, and rerouting plumbing, electrical and HVAC. This leads you into the territory of a complete kitchen remodel, which is time-consuming and costly. However, you can still make minor adjustments to your existing layout when choosing cabinet refacing. Minor layout changes may include adding or extending an island or adding new cabinets.

Cabinet Door & Drawer Style

One of the most rewarding aspects of refacing your kitchen cabinets is the choice to update the style of your door and drawer fronts. Whether you are looking for timeless, contemporary, or traditional, new cabinet faces can completely transform your kitchen.

Cabinet Door Color

Alongside cabinet style, color is the second way to update the look of your kitchen. The color you choose completely changes the mood or vibe of your kitchen. If you decide to update your cabinets to a modern style, your color options are limited to what the contractor offers. However, if you like the style of your existing faces, you can hire a contractor to paint them any color you want.

Face Frame Considerations

When you go the route of new cabinet faces, you need to ask your contractor how they match the face frame to your new doors. Whether you are doing a full-overlay or partial-overlay cabinet face style, finishing the face frames is a necessity. The process to finish the frame of the cabinet can include painting or a laminated veneer.


The hardware you choose will not only display your style, but it is also important for functionality. Often, when you replace your existing faces with new doors and drawers, you will have the opportunity to update your existing hinges and drawer slides to soft close. Ask your contractor what brand they use so you can research the durability and longevity of the hardware. The icing on the cake is your handles and pulls. The sky is the limit of what is available. Your contractor will have recommendations for function and style.

Painted Cabinets vs. Refacing

Below we outline some pros and cons of each approach to updating your kitchen cabinets



Painted Cabinets

Cheaper up-front cost

Any color you want

Difficult to look professional

Not as durable

Unable to change cabinet style

Cabinet Refacing

Professional, high-end look

Updated cabinet style


New/additional cabinets can be added to match

Higher up-front cost

Limited color palette

Interior box color may not match exterior face color

Cost of Cabinet Refacing

The average cost of cabinet refacing in 2022 is $16,000. Depending on the previously outlined options and the number of cabinets you have, your project could be more or less than the Charlotte, NC average. You can schedule a consultation with a cabinet refacing company to get a specific price for your project.


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