Bathroom Remodeling Cost Charlotte

What is a Bathroom Remodel?

Remodeling your bathroom is the process of demolishing existing materials, including wall and floor tile, old bathtubs, toilets and vanities. In larger projects, it can also include removing walls, updating electrical, and rerouting plumbing. A full remodel differs from a partial remodel, which breaks down a full project into individual projects. For example, replacing the tub or shower.

Is a Bathroom Remodel Necessary?

Remodels are often necessary when there is an existing issue, such as a leak or mold and mildew. You may also choose to remodel if you want to increase the size of your bathroom or update the style.

What Goes into the Cost?

The scope and cost of your bathroom project will vary based on a few key factors, including bathroom size, layout, materials, and fixtures.

Bathroom Size

The overall square footage is a key factor in figuring out the labor and materials costs for your project. Guest baths and half-baths can require less time to renovate and fewer materials than a primary bathroom suite.

Bathroom Layout

When updating your bathroom, you may choose to make changes to the floor plan. Adding/removing walls or changing the placement of fixtures, such as the toilet, will require increased labor time and additional contractors such as plumbing, electrical and HVAC. If you stick with the existing footprint and keep fixtures where they are, you can reduce the overall remodeling cost.

Bathroom Materials

One of the most rewarding aspects of updating your bathroom is changing the style. The cost of your renovation can skyrocket when you begin choosing your finishes. For example, a frameless glass shower door costs a whole lot more than a shower curtain. Another example is what type and how much tile you plan to use in your bathroom design.

Bathroom Vanities

The size of your bathroom vanity and how many you’ll need will also use a big chunk of your budget. It’s best to shop ahead of time and get an idea of what you want and how much it’ll cost to help inform your budget.

Bathroom Decor

When creating your budget, be sure to leave room for all the extras. This includes bathroom hardware such as vanity and shower faucets and towel rods. You may also decide to purchase new towels and bathroom rugs.

Average Cost of a Full Bathroom Remodel in Charlotte

According to the Cost vs. Value Report for Charlotte, the 2022 mid-range cost of a bathroom remodel is $23,708, while an upscale bathroom can cost $73,137. Depending on the previously outlined factors, your project could be more or less than the Charlotte, NC average. Learn more about the cost of a partial remodel vs. a full remodel <link to another blog article>


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