5 Reasons TruGuard has the Best Crews

At TruGuard, we’re all about transparency and full disclosure. That’s why, when prospective customers ask us about who will be doing the actual work on their home, we’re 100% honest. Our installation crews are subcontractors, which is the industry standard. But, there’s some important elements that differentiate our crews from the guy you find on Craigslist.

Our crews are experienced

When we bring on a new installation crew, we thoroughly vet their work because we have certain product installation and customer service standards that we will never compromise on. We review their previous work first-hand, we call their references and we test their knowledge. And, most importantly, we research their background and touted experience to ensure they have the know-how to perform at the level we expect.

Our crews are highly trained

Even after we confirm their experience level, we train them the TruGuard way. When our crews work for us, they represent our company. That’s why we perform in-depth and ongoing training with our crews to ensure they follow manufacturer specifications to a T, every single time.

Our crews are licensed and insured

We only work with above board subcontractors. Our subcontractors must be licensed and insured in the state. Our company provides 1099’s to each subcontractor and we are regularly audited for the compliance of each of our crews.

Our crews are expected to uphold our high standards

Even after all of our checks and balances, we maintain a watchful eye over our crews to ensure they’re representing our company and treating our customers in the most upstanding manner. And, that includes doing every job right, the first time.

Our crews are overseen by a TruGuard project manager

Our dedicated project managers are the most knowledgeable members of the TruGuard team and undergo the most rigorous training to ensure they can properly monitor the work of our installation crews. They are on site reviewing every job to make sure our teams never falter.

Although subcontracting is the way of the industry, we, at TruGuard, have taken measures to ensure we have the best installation crews on a consistent basis. Since actions speak louder than words, we know that without the best crews, we could not be the best exterior renovation company in town.


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