13 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Contractor

We believe we can bring a lot of value to you and your home, but the truth is, we’re not right for everyone. That’s why we created this guide to help you ask the right questions during your consultation and make an informed decision when choosing a contractor for your home improvement project.

Questions to Ask During Your Consultation

Proof of Legitimacy

  1. Are you licensed in my state?
  2. Do you carry liability insurance? What does it cover? How much coverage do you carry?


  1. Do you have reviews specific to my project?
  2. Do you have references that I can call?
  3. What types of accreditations or accolades do you have regarding the product you’ll be installing?


  1. Do you provide a detailed and written proposal for this work? Is everything we discussed in writing?
  2. How will you ensure the job site, and my property remains clean and undamaged?
  3. How are the installation crews managed?
  4. Will there be a project manager or general contractor overseeing my project? Who? And how often will they be there?
  5. What types of check-ins do you provide before, during and after the project to ensure I’m well informed throughout the process?
  6. Are you easy to get ahold of when I have a question? Who will be my point of contact?


  1. What warranty is available for the product(s) you’re installing? Is it pro-rated?
  2. What warranty do you have for your workmanship?

The decision to renovate your home is daunting. There will be unforeseen challenges throughout the process, no matter how well you plan. But you can certainly do yourself a favor by taking the time to properly vet and choose your contractor. Finding the right contractor for your job is the essential foundation that will set your project up for success.


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