Replacement Windows Designed to Provide a Lifetime of Performance for Homes in the Greater Charlotte Area

Replacement Windows Charlotte NCWhen your home windows become damaged in a storm or begin deteriorating due to age, the first thing you’ll notice is that they are negatively affecting your home’s curb appeal. However, there are much more compelling reasons to have replacement windows installed than simply improved aesthetics. Outdated or damaged windows may allow water infiltration, which can result in mold growth that’s expensive to remove and rot that’s costly to repair. What’s more, windows are leading points of heat transfer in the home, so if they are poorly insulated or allow air infiltration, your heating and cooling costs may skyrocket.

Replacement Windows for Any Home and Budget in the Greater Charlotte Area

Based in Mathews, North Carolina, TruGuard has become the premier source for replacement window installation throughout the Greater Charlotte area. We’re proud to offer only high-performance products from the industry’s most respected manufacturers. For example, if you’d like to add a touch of classic warmth and charm to your home without sacrificing durability or thermal performance, our aluminum-clad wood windows from Sierra Pacific Windows are the ideal option. We even offer all wood windows for those looking to perform authentic restorations of historic homes.

Additionally, we offer vinyl replacement windows from the trusted manufacturer Soft-Lite® that will never deteriorate and require minimal maintenance. No matter which windows you choose for your home, you can rest assured they’ll provide best-in-class thermal performance to reduce the burden on your home’s HVAC system and potentially decrease your monthly energy costs. You’ll also have a wide array of customization options to choose from, such as frame colors, grid patterns, and hardware, as well as all of the most popular styles, including:

  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Casement
  • Picture
  • Bay / bow
  • Slider
  • Specialty shapes

Expert Installation

At TruGuard, we ensure our premium replacement windows perform exactly as expected by having factory trained and certified technicians handle our installations. In fact, we’ll not only pass along the incredible manufacturer warranties available on our new windows, but we’ll also provide our own lifetime workmanship warranty to provide you with complete peace of mind. What’s more, you can rest easy knowing your entire project will be handled with the utmost professionalism. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive consultation, show up on time, keep the jobsite clean, and maintain clear communication throughout the entire process.

Contact TruGuard today to learn more about the replacement windows we offer. As a local company based in Mathews, NC, we can provide prompt service to homeowners throughout the Charlotte Metro area.

FAQs about TruGuard Window Replacement

The easy answer is glass plus a framework of wood, vinyl or composite materials. However, the window industry has many options available to suit any home and lifestyle. Window frames today are offered in vinyl or vinyl-clas (for low maintenance), all wood, aluminum-clad or composites. There are also many types of glazing options available to make windows more energy efficient.

Some windows are made of wood and then covered on the exteriors and/or interior with another layer, such as aluminum or vinyl. This layer of extra covering is the cladding, and it adds another layer of protection to the window, strengthening its resistance to outside weather or heavy inside usage.

Homeowners with windows more than 25 years old should consider replacing them, both to gain the best energy efficiencies and to protect the envelope of the house. Windows often need to be replaced if they are sealed or painted shut, fogged with condensation, or letting in a draft.

The U-factor represents the amount of heat that escapes through a wall, window, roof or other surfaces. The lower the U-factor, the more energy efficient a material is. R-values are the direct opposite. This measures an object’s resistance to heat flow. The higher a material’s R-value, the lower its U-factor and the less energy it will lose. An R-value depends on the number of layers of glass in a window, what type of gas is between those layers and whether one or more of those layers of glazing have been treated with a Low-E coating.

Low-E is an invisible, microscopic layer of silver coating added to glass for greater energy efficiency and increased comfort. Low-E stands for “low emissivity,” which is the action of reflecting light passing through glass. By reflecting part of the light spectrum (the part that transmits heat), we reduce a window’s U-factor and increase its R-value.

Impact-resistant glass has strongly laminated glass interlayers. When combined with an exceptionally strong window frame, this type of window provides homeowners with greater security and protection from storms, flying debris and even the occasional stray golf ball. When struck by something hard and forceful, like a tree branch or softball, the glass resists shattering. In the rare event that an object impacts the glass, the pane may shatter, but it remains held within the frame. This greatly reduces the risk of flying glass, water or debris penetrating into the home.

Homeowners living in coastal areas prone to strong winds and storms, living directly on a golf course, or living in an area where vigorous sports activities take place should consider impact-resistant glass in their homes. Other homeowners might be interested in the sound reduction and security benefits that impact-resistant glass provides.
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