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Cut your electric bill with the help of a solar photovoltaic system installation

solar paneling installation on a North Carolina and South Carolina home

Exposure is important. PV panels are highly dependent on a steady stream of sunlight. That's why they are generally mounted on a south-facing roof or ground supports faced south.

It's not hard to see why solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are popular. Not only is solar a nonpolluting energy source, its also universally available and affordable.

Speaking of affordability, this is perhaps the biggest reason for solar's popularity. While solar was once expensive, advances in PV technology has continually brought the cost of solar cells down. It's now cheaper than ever to have a solar power system installed on your home, especially when considering local and federal incentive programs.

Do you think a solar photovoltaic system might be right for you? TruGuard works with expert installers who can provide you with the perfect solar panel array. Contact us today for free estimate in Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia, and nearby North Carolina and South Carolina!

Lower your electric bill & increase energy efficiency with a solar system

The main benefit of a solar PV system is, of course, its ability to generate free electricity when the sun is shining. While the exact amount of electricity will vary based on the size of the solar array and your family's consumption habits, it is safe to expect your electric bill to decrease by 40%-80%.

In fact, sometimes you may actually be able to generate more electricity than you consume. In these cases you can actually make some extra money. Due to metering regulations, your utility company must purchase this excess electricity.

How a residential solar photovoltaic system works

Solar energy paneling installed on a roof of a Charlotte home

Long Lasting Savings. Solar panels require little maintenance and can help you save on electric bills for years to come.

Most solar systems are "grid-connected" solar PV systems. This means that the home is still connected to the grid and can use electricity supplied by the local electric utility in addition to the electricity the solar panels produce. In order to maximize efficiency, most solar panels are mounted on the south-facing side of the roof (or on ground supports faced south). In some cases, trees may also need to be pruned to make sure the direct sunlight isn't blocked.

Solar cells produce direct current (DC) which is then transformed into alternating current (AC) by an inverter before being fed into the electric meter. Luckily, there is not much maintenance required with solar panels and you should enjoy free electricity for 25 years or more!

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