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5 Budget Friendly Curb Appeal Updates

Monday, March 12th, 2018 by Jessica Plassman

What do the best houses in your neighborhood have in common? Curb appeal! Next time you’re on a walk or driving home, check out the details of your favorite homes. More than likely the exteriors are updated to match modern tastes and styles and the landscaping is top notch. While it may seem like a tall task, there are some no brainer ways you can update your curb appeal without breaking the bank.


Install a new front door

Does your front door look straight out of a 90s sitcom? Is it an outdated color? Does it have cracking or peeling paint? Or is it just plain ugly?

  • Add a new coat of paint in a fresh color. Check out these great colors for 2018.
  • Completely change it up. New front doors are much more stylish than they used to be. 
  • Go for windows. Update your exterior and let more light in? What more could you need?!

Coral front door

Blue front door


Update your fixtures

Lighting, mailboxes, house numbers, you name it. Updating fixtures is such low hanging fruit. Oh and if you can’t afford to replace it, just paint it black! Here’s some inspiration to get you started. 

Wayfair bronze sconce

CB2 bronze mailbox

Modern house numbers

Paint your trim

This one is a bit more time consuming, so it’s certainly not at the top of my list. But, adding a new coat of paint in the same color can make your trim look brand-spanking new. Or, you can change it up with something new. Careful with new colors! Ensure they coordinate with your windows, gutters and the main color of your house.

red trim on house

blue trim house

Create planter beds to soften hard edges

Updating landscaping around the front exterior of your home will add charm in a heartbeat, unless you have a black thumb. If that’s the case, I’d reconsider!

front walkway with landscaping

front entry

Add accents

There are too many accent options to count. Our shortlist:

white concrete planters

colorful front porch

yellow free



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